Sick Bank and CTU By-Laws & Rules

Chelsea Teachers Union Sick Leave Bank Process/Rules (revised March, 2015)

The Sick Bank is an important benefit within our contract. Once you are eligible, you make a one time donation of a single sick day. Then, if you get seriously ill in the future and use up all of your sick time, you can apply to use the sick bank and keep getting paid. The rules are slightly different for each unit (Educators, Paras, and Clerks), so please talk to your building rep if you have questions! The sick bank is supplied through people giving one day upon joining and through people donating days upon retirement.

If you are retiring, please make sure to submit the sell back form to HR. This way you will be able to sell back the maximum days, and donate any remainder to the sick bank. Thank you for supporting your colleagues! Here is the retirement form. Sick Days Sell Back Form (last amended September, 2020)

Chelsea Teachers’ Union Local 1340 Constitution & By-Laws (last amended February, 2017)