Flexible Spending Accounts

During our last round of contract negotiations, Chelsea Teachers Union & Chelsea Public Schools agreed to establish a committee to explore the possibility of establishing a Flexible Spending Account for health care and dependent day care.  A joint committee is being formed to discuss options.  First, we would like to survey CTU members to see if there is enough interest.

Please take the survey below, no later than February 12, 2016.  For more information, see the brief descriptions and video below survey.

Health Care FSA

You and your eligible dependents’ medical, dental, and vision expenses that are not fully covered by insurance can generally be reimbursed through this FSA. You do not need to be enrolled in an CPS health plan to enroll in the Health Care FSA. You can set aside $2,550 for the Health Care FSA. If both you and your spouse are employed by FCPS you may each set aside $2,550 (married and filing separately).

Dependent Day Care FSA

You may use this FSA to claim reimbursement for eligible day care expenses for your child under age 13, or for a spouse/eligible dependents who are unable to care for themselves. The day care expense must be incurred so that you (and your spouse, if applicable) can work or attend school. The Dependent Day Care FSA maximum annual contribution amount is $5,000 per household.