What have we done as CTU?

As of September 2019 CTU has….

  • Negotiated and ratified new contracts for Teachers, Clerks and Paraprofessionals that guaranteed much needed increases in pay and improvement in working conditions.
  • Provided Teachpoint and Artifact submission workshops
  • Negotiated and ratified a new teacher contract (November, 2020) that included: increased parental leave and improved language to further support the hard work of our teachers.
  • Negotiated and ratified a turnaround plan and schedule change for Chelsea High School that resulted in the granting of a significant 2 year turnaround grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education.
  • Conducted Licensure and Re-Licesnure workshops with AFT Licensure expert Dan Murphy where members received important information regarding licensure and licensure renewal.
  • Celebrated at the annual CTU holiday party at the Chelsea Station Restaurant where members were able to mingle, unwind, and celebrate the holiday season.

Ongoing and upcoming:


  • continues to defend member rights and work to ensure that management is adhering to all parameters of negotiated contracts.
  • celebrates and welcomes our new members to the membership each September with a Membership Social in September at the Mystic Brewery in Chelsea
  • sponsors a Retirement Seminar each fall at the CHS Senior Cafeteria
  • with AFT MA, sponsors a Student Debt Clinic  each fall

CTU ongoing work

  1. CTU building reps and officers offer confidential advisement.
  2. CTU building reps and officers answer questions about the contract.
  3. CTU has negotiated a Sick Bank for teachers, paras & clerks
  4. CTU building reps and officers provide anonymity when asking questions addressed in S.U.C. meetings.
  5. CTU negotiating teams fight to keep uninterrupted prep periods for which we can grade work to provide student feedback, make calls home to communicate with parents, meet with colleagues to collaborate on lessons, etc…all of which positively impact our students’ learning.
  6. CTU negotiating teams fight to keep longevity increments added to base salary for members who choose to remain in Chelsea.
  7. CTU building reps and officers facilitate the Grievance Process to help resolve alleged contract violations.
  8. CTU building reps and officers offer the option for members to have a union rep present during a meeting with an administrator if members feel they need one.
  9. CTU building reps and officers continue the conversation on class size and its effects on our students. Even though we do not have hard limits yet on class sizes in general, we do at least have a limit for our SEI classes.
  10. CTU building reps and officers continue bargaining to provide adequate and affordable Health Care Insurance to all members.
  11. CTU building reps and officers facilitate the appeal process for evaluations.
  12. CTU officers keep lines of communication open between the Union and district administration.
  13. CTU acknowledges and celebrates our retiring members.
  14. CTU provides access to information online via our website and emails.
  15. CTU officers regularly meet with AFT Massachusetts leaders to provide information, advice and support so that all Chelsea Public School employees can all do their jobs with courage and confidence.

CTU & AFT Massachusetts want to make sure that education reform is good for students, fair to educators and done collaboratively!